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This page is dedicated to all products purchased directly from Themeforest and we will only provide assistance to our direct clients, please enter your Envato license code since we won't provide support without.

Before submitting a ticket, please carefully read the documentation included to see if you can find the answer or alternatively search in open tickets, someone might have ask the same question and you may find the solution/answer much faster.


This ticket system is intended to provide assistance to clients who experience issues, but please keep in mind that items purchased from ThemeForest are with no guarantee of support. We will normally answer in between 2 - 4 business days (weekends excluded).

If we determine the issues are caused by user error or are the result of a plugin, we will ask that you retrace your edits or contact the developer of the plugin you're using.

Additionally, items purchased through a bundle promotion on Envato are not eligible for support or updates (as stated in the bundle item description).

Thanks for your understanding!
The Support Team.